It’s not too late..

I’ve had a few people in recent weeks ask me to help them get off zero. They have known bitcoin existed for months or years but that’s as far as they got. As the money printing continues more people are taking the step from hearing about bitcoin to investigating it for themselves. Once researched the consensus is that despite the increase in price this year, if the money printing and the adoption of bitcoin continues, then we should see the value proposition of bitcoin to continue increasing.

Has your government said it’s illegal for you to work this year? Have you noticed the price of things you buy regularly increasing faster than the rate of inflation that your government says is good for you?

What happened in 1971 is becoming increasingly relevant in everyday life.

Regardless of your age, country or income learning about digital assets could be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. You may decide they aren’t for you but it’s probable that you’ll be using them before long even if you don’t know it. Would it be better to be informed now of how the world is changing than wake up one day in the future and discover your world is forever changed?

More people are now using bitcoin in El Salvador than have bank accounts proving that bitcoin can be used in the real world for everyday life. Yes the price can still be volatile, however that volatility is likely to decrease as adoption continues to increase.

The international remittance industry is forever changed as people switch to quicker, cheaper and more direct digital assets More companies are using blockchains to improve their business operations. NFT’s are being adopted by bike manufacturers and fashion houses.

How many more companies or countries will have to start using digital assets before you get off zero?

At which price points will you repeatedly say it’s too late now, or if only I’d acted sooner?

Let me be clear I’m not suggesting you drain your bank account when you finish reading this. I am suggesting you invest the time to learn about digital assets til you get to a point that you are comfortable switching some of your government issued currency for a digital asset. Only you can decide if that’s bitcoin, any or the alt coins or a stable coin.

For those worried about the volatility of digital assets stable coins are rapidly increasing their market share. For those worried about the level of money printing the volatility of digital assets is diminished in light of their historical growth and future adoption predictions.

As the end of 2021 rapidly approaches how much longer will you delay learning potentially life changing information?

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