What is Bitcoin

Since 2008 Bitcoin has slowly been revolutionising the way our financial system works. Over 10 years later and the value of one Bitcoin has grown exponentially. It’s adoption continues as does debate over whether it’s the future or just another tulip mania. Only history will be able to tell us in the years ahead as to how it all works out. To read the white paper that started it all click here. To watch a brief video explanation of Bitcoin click below.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t afford to buy one bitcoin if you want to. You can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin or any of the Altcoins. Helping you learn more about Bitcoin, Alt Coins and Blockchain is the only reason this website exists. What you do with your new knowledge is totally up to you. Happy learning.

Why Bitcoin is another great question, Michael Saylor crashed into the Bitcoin scene in 2020 with a massive corporate and personal acquisition of Bitcoin. He quickly became one of the best people to explain why Bitcoin.

If you are still considering adding some exposure to cryptocurrencies to your portfolio two of the most interesting reports I saw during 2020 where this one from Fidelity the link to the full report is on that page and this report from CoinShares again the link to the full report is on that page.