Happy Christmas

My Christmas this year is very different to the one I had last year, and very different to the one I had planned for this year. A bear market is an interesting thing to live through though for what is expected for the share markets around the globe in the months and years ahead what we survived this year in the crypto market will look like a drop in the ocean.

With the various indices around the globe already recording some sizeable losses in the last 3 months of this year it will be interesting to see how 2019 begins. Will we have one more pump before and even larger correction or has the correction already begun?


Either way money is there to be made. Shorting the market as some have done with crypto this year could be a profitable play with shares if they continue to correct and the central banks around the globe stop their money printing.

stock chart

The green seen this past week in the crypto market has been a nice end of year reprieve and with so many big players scheduled to enter the market early next year I’m looking forward with excitement.

A little bit of Christmas green in cryptoland this past week.

No matter what the markets are doing though this time of year is one for remembering what is really important. I had planned to travel a lot more this year, that didn’t happen for the above reasons. I may not have the stamps in my passport I thought I would have by this Christmas but I do have a lot to be thankful for. I’ve always had the funds to pay every bill this year on time. I’ve got friends to share Christmas with where I’m sure their will be too much food. I was able to return to an organisation that had helped me when I was desperate a few years ago and return their assistance with interest so they could help others in need this Christmas.

If you focus on your needs and not your wants this Christmas do you have more than enough?

I look forward to sharing a green 2019 with you.

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