Wow what a week and what a day..

So I was expecting this week to join CoinXL. I watched as the clock counted down on the website till launch day .. and then I had to wait a little longer as they worked on a few more things behind the scenes pre launch. So I head into the weekend with continued eager anticipation..


The big surprise was Ormeus that didn’t have a countdown clock soft launched. What’s a soft launch? It’s where those fortunate enough to know get early access to something so the geniuses behind the scenes can check everything is working before the full public launch. Now that I’ve seen what is on offer I will forever be thankful for being told about this opportunity prelaunch. Having only heard about crypto currencies earlier this year it’s been a rapid and rewarding few months of getting as educated as I can as quickly as possible. Hopefully I am able to share some of what I have learned with you through this site. But back to Ormeus I feel like I’ve been given an opportunity here like being granted the ability to time travel and get in on Bitcoin from day one with the knowledge I have now. Please do your due diligence I make no claim that Ormeus be as big as any of the alt coins currently available but I’m excited about the possibilities. At the time of writing this you are currently able to log in for free with no obligation to check out all the documentation for yourself under the success tab and see if Ormeus is right for you.

It’s my birthday next week and I am truly looking forward to the best year of my life.

If you want to join me on this journey register here.

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