2018 what a year so far..

The Bulls and the Bears have had an absolute field day this year across the crypto market. We have still seen the majority of the alt coins follow Bitcoins movements up and down with a few notable exceptions. For many the start of 2018 has been a reminder to never risk what you can’t afford to lose and invest for the long term. For those who have seen all this before they probably aren’t as concerned with the current prices as those who bought in during late December and early January.


Whether this is the beginning of the end or just another bump in the road to the moon depends on who you listen to. Aside from the prices, the technology driving it all continues to grow and develop. New projects and use cases are being released every week and the growth on a wider scale continues.  Only time will tell what any of these digital currencies are worth and this time next year we’ll either be looking back saying I wish I’d bought some 12 months ago just like so many would still say today, or we’ll be saying well that was another interesting fad.


I won’t try to sway you one way or the other other than to say the more you know the more of an informed decision you can make.


A few other updates for the year so far:

  • Both IG and Etoro have added more coins to be traded.
  • Exodus continues with it’s regular upgrades and additional coins.
  • ICO’s continue to happen despite the tighter regualtions.
  • Lending programs have all but ceased.
  • Staking continues to be profitable across many coins.
  • Exchanges continue to be highly profitable as shown in this recent article.


May 2018 be a profitable one for you.

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