A long overdue update

There has been so much happening in the blockchain ecosystem I hope you have been keeping up to date with all the exciting news that has been coming out. In case you haven’t here is a quick recap on some of the biggest developments from the last few months and what we can look forward to as we move into the 4th quarter of 2018.


Australia has had lots of positive news including Huobi opening an exchange down under. Kucoin are also moving into the vibrant crypto currency market,


In other exchange news Coinbase is still hiring more people despite this bear market. Gemini has officially launched it’s own stable coin backed by the USD.


Though I am unlikely to get one the New South Wales government in Australia is slowly moving people from plastic drivers licences over to digital ones, read more about that transition here.


One of the biggest headlines that came out in August was that ICE the worlds largest traditional exchange operator is moving into the crypto space with Bakkt.


We also saw Sky News launch on the Win TV network in Australia this month which means every Friday night at 7:30 AEST millions of Australians can now watch this weekly show for free. In case you haven’t seen any of their episodes yet check out this clip about the potential redevelopment of Great Keppel Island thanks to the blockchain.


When will we get a Bitcoin ETF? I can’t answer that question it could be this year, it could be next but I do believe it is a matter of when not if.


This has by no means been a full recap but the more you keep up to date with the news the more you will be able to make education decisions about the opportunities in this space.


I’ve been checking out both passive and active options over the last few months and there are a lot of exciting developments happening.  If you want to hear about my research before I make my findings public contact me.


Now I need to go update the further education page. Until next time don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose, and nothing mentioned in this blog post should be considered financial advice because it isn’t.



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