Have you ever thought what it would be like to read a NY Times best seller before it is released?

The plans I had for today changed at the last minute so I put the freed up time to good use.  What do you have planned for your next day off?

The first video I watched today was from Naomi Brockwell aka Bitcoin Girl. If you’ve never understood what the blockchain is or how to explain it to someone else maybe this can help you out.


The second video I watched today came from Robert Kiyosaki. I heard about his new book at his recent Melbourne event though it has taken me until now to get around to reading it. It’s not due to be released until 2019 but the first 7 chapters are online. The 8th chapter is due to be uploaded on the weekend. Make sure you watch this video before then.



Read the early draft chapters here.


Rounding out this update are 2 big news items that stood out to me in the crypto news sphere in recent days.

Yale University reportedly invested $400 million in crypto fund.

Investment Giant Fidelity Launches Digital Assets Services Targeting Institutional Investors.


What do the Power Rangers, TMNT, Gold Mining and Crypto Currencies all have in common?

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