Down the rabbit hole I go

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you might be wondering just how much further down this rabbit hole can this guy go. The longer I am in this space the more excited I become in the developments that are happening. From the unbanked getting access to services they have never had before to everyday hardworking individuals having more say in their future. The more I read and watch of the projects that are working on revolutionising their industries is a beautiful thing. The world the next generation grow up in will change at an even more rapid rate than the one I’ve experienced.

I can remember cassette tapes being superseded by cd’s. I can remember calling from a payphone and letting it ring 3 times to be picked up. I can remember my first mobile phone which was actually mobile versus the first car phone I ever saw with the brick sized battery attached.  I can remember posting a letter overseas and waiting weeks for the reply to arrive. Now not only can you video chat from a $100 phone with someone overseas but you can almost instantly send them any amount of money and for a fraction of the cost traditional companies charge. The rate of change and adoption continues to increase at a rapid rate.

I was recently having a conversation with someone about the adoption of cryptocurrencies and their everyday real life use cases. I had to remind them that although Bitcoin has been around for ten years now if you are reading this post you are still one of the early adopters. Just like most people now use their mobile phones for well lets face it almost everything, in a few years time or maybe even less we’ll be using a blockchain so many times everyday without even knowing it.  This recent article highlights just some of the ways things are changing not only in Australia but around the world. I’ve also heard since my last blog update that something big could be coming in Australia in the coming weeks that could lead to a rapid uptake in mainstream adoption and also the news that one of the biggest companies in the world will start accepting crypto. Both of these I haven’t been able to verify myself but I’m watching closely to see if what I’ve heard is accurate.

I also saw this week once again just how generous the crypto community can be when a leader of a crypto project helped out a complete stranger. More on that next week when I cover the World Crypto Con.

The latest updates from some of the regular crypto shows I keep up to date with continue to astound me with how many projects are working behind the scenes doing their thing both the for profits and not for profits trying to make this world a better place.  Price wise it hasn’t been a great year for the crypto market as a whole but the distraction of “when moon” and “when lambo” has enabled so many to make quicker advances that haven’t been reflected in the price yet.

Which is why this video stood out to me so much this week.  I could not agree with him more. Money is but a tool it is neither good nor evil but what you can do for it is powerful. The time it can liberate, the lives it can change. I don’t want to be stupid rich for the things I can buy but for the choices it will give me.

What’s your driving force? Let me know in the comments below.

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