How a land of convicts changed the world.

I could write a years worth of blog posts under that heading. Australians have invented so many things the rest of the world takes for granted. One that I am particularly proud of is how we changed physical money.

I loved numismatics from a very young age which is probably how I then got into trading which then led me into cryptocurrencies.

This short video is a look back at our recent history and how it led to changing money around the world.

As we move even further into a digital money age videos like this will be even more vital in keeping a record of our history. As beautiful as I think these notes are I’m looking forward to all the resources we will save by using blockchain rather than physical money.

Travelling overseas can be a costly exercise when exchanging one currency for another and then back again if you have any left over at the end of your journey. Being able to spend bitcoin around the globe sounds like a much better option to me.

Which is your favourite currency from around the globe?

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