The Automatic Millionaire

I still remember borrowing this book from my local library. I devoured it, the whole time wishing I’d read it in high school.

Did you grow up believing that being a millionaire was impossible unless you won the lottery, or a rich relative died, or you became a pro athlete and signed a big contract or a movie star, or invented something. Ultimately you needed luck or a special talent that put you above everybody else.

I’d still suggest reading the book but until then watch this recent interview.

Did you ever think it could really be that easy. It blew away so many misconceptions I had about money when I read it it’s one of my most recommended books. “The Millionaire next door” is another great read for displacing misconceptions.

The question now is regardless of where in the world you are and what your income is what are you going to do with this new knowledge?

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