Where you around in 1973?

Other than the prices in this old news clip from Australia it’s an interesting look back at how the world changed in the 70’s.

Now that credit cards aren’t being applied for in preference for services like afterpay the world is changing again.

For those wanting to pay with their own money Apple pay and Samsung pay continue to change the payment landscape.

The next natural progression is cryptocurrencies. Both Samsung and Apple are moving into the space as we edge ever closer to mass adoption.

Most people don’t know technically how a credit card works. Try telling them they are creating currency when they do and see how many believe you. I have no idea technically how Apple Pay and Samsung Pay work.

In the months ahead as major companies that we use everyday start to incorporate blockchain into their day to day operations more people will start using cryptocurrencies without even knowing it.

When do you think we will see mass adoption?

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